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Why has camouflage not evolved past the traditional pattern of “sticks, leaves, and twigs” for the American sportsman and sportswoman? Pioneers in the camouflage industry have remained steadfast to the same pattern concept to date and have not ventured into advanced camouflage “break-up” development.

Over the last few years, the camouflage industry has transformed the American sportsman and sportswoman into a vital target market for substantial economic contribution. As this sector has developed, investment into this market has expanded into various applications and processes within the entire outdoor industry.

As technology has contributed toward significant advances in weaponry, equipment, ammunition, and off road transportation, the lack of advances in camouflage patterning have generated opportunities to develop new design concepts.

Our pattern is unique and uses the patterning of the skin of amphibians, in particular, the toad. Toads are found in every region of the country throughout the year, and their patterns vary as much as the terrain in which they are found. The toad’s primary focus is to use mimicry camouflage in order to survive within their natural environment. As a predatory species, the toad’s pattern is very effective as a camouflage in any type of setting from hardwoods to meadows, or from backyards to woodlots.

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